OOC News and Announcements

Out of Character News and Announcements

Prestige reviews:

Please make sure that when you send your logs for review, they are up to date, and have all the correct information on them. The date listed should be the date that the service was done. E.g. the date of the Domain meeting you attended, or the last day of the month for officer duties. Under notes you should have the date and type of report the Prestige was listed in, or a link to the website (for things such as Global surveys and Convention Prestige). Having this will make reviews go much more quickly. Not having it may get your log sent back to you for updates, and the MC denied until the log is up to snuff.

If you do not have the current Excel sheet that we use for prestige logs, please email the NC at /nc AT camarilla DOT ca/ and they will send you one.

The Camarilla Wiki

We are trying to encourage people to use this resource as much as possible. There is a section for Canada and space for each Domain to have their own wiki page (some area already there). To that end, we would like all Domains to at least post their current VSS’s and DC and ST contact information.

How to apply for FGotM status:

People have been asking how they should go about applying to host a Feature Game of the Month. Fill out the application form on our website.

Please note that from here on in, National Council will need at least three months notice for all applications. Please be aware that Toronto will likely be hosting a FGotM each August at the Gaming Expo, and Vancouver will likely be hosting one in August as well at the Anime convention there.

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